Invitation for contributions for Friends Newsletter 2020

Dear Friend, I am writing to you to request your contributions to the annual Friends Newsletter, please.  

The Newsletter will have a different format and flavour this year, since we have so few communal activities to report.  However, we will publish it as usual in the autumn and it will be distributed predominantly online.  

I would be delighted if as many Friends as possible could send me articles on any historical subject which you think might be of interest to our membership.  We would like to extend this invitation to all Friends, Staff and Students associated with the Centre.  We could include a letters page, book and other reviews, recent publications, work in progress, thoughts on the future and the history of the Centre, etc, and photographs are always welcome.  We would like to consider any contribution you care to offer.  

The deadline for receipt of any contributions will be the end of September, and please send them to my email address at: 

I look forward to hearing from you.  

All the best.  

Phil Batman~Newsletter Editor

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