In Support of Marc Fitch House

As you know the closure and sale of Marc Fitch House by the university has been postponed as a result of the current coronavirus pandemic. However, it is still the intention of the university to continue with the closure and the relocation of the Centre to the main campus when possible.

This gives the Friends the opportunity to progress with the campaign to protect both the building and the Centre. Our aim is to try and work with Centre staff and the university to achieve a feasible and sustainable future for the study of English Local History at Leicester. The next step is to develop a case demonstrating the unique value of the site and how it has been used to help positively promote study and research. The purpose being to show how the loss of the building will have a damaging impact on the university outweighing any short-term financial benefits.

To that end, I would be grateful if Friends could send in any evidence and examples of where Marc Fitch House has been particularly suitable and important in the promotion of the aims of the Centre. This could include for example conferences, seminars and working with external groups to share knowledge and learning. This will be used to provide valuable information to support the case for retaining the Centre at the site.

Thank you for your help and assistance.

Dr Michael Gilbert

Responses please to John Parker

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