Friends Update May 2020

These are challenging times and we hope everybody is keeping safe and well during the current lockdown. It is particularly difficult for the academic world and we can see the impacts of the crisis on teaching activities at the Centre for English Local History and the University of Leicester. As you know the Friends have… Continue reading Friends Update May 2020

Invitation for contributions for Friends Newsletter 2020

Dear Friend, I am writing to you to request your contributions to the annual Friends Newsletter, please.   The Newsletter will have a different format and flavour this year, since we have so few communal activities to report.  However, we will publish it as usual in the autumn and it will be distributed predominantly online.… Continue reading Invitation for contributions for Friends Newsletter 2020

Update on No:5 Salisbury Road

The University of Leicester has confirmed that the sale of properties on Salisbury Road has been postponed during the current pandemic crisis and this includes Marc Fitch House the current home of the Centre for English Local History. The relocation of the Centre to the main campus during the summer has also been postponed. The… Continue reading Update on No:5 Salisbury Road

Restless Souls Pilgrim Roots

New book explores the turbulent history of the Christian faith in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Miracles * Tragedy * Heroism * Betrayal * Revelation * Corruption In a story running from the early 7th Century until 1660, Adrian Gray places great and intriguing figures in the context of their times and in an unfolding story of… Continue reading Restless Souls Pilgrim Roots

MA Local History

ABOUT THE COURSE: Studying our MA History (Local History) Pathway will allow you to explore a variety of topics including regional identities, society and landscape, historical ecology, family and community history, and cultural regions. You will combine study of these themes with training in historical research methods to prepare you for pursuing a dissertation on… Continue reading MA Local History


The 4th of August 2020 will mark 175 years since the barque Cataraqui was wrecked on the jagged rocks on King Island’s west coast, an event which remains Australia’s worst maritime civil disaster. King Island Council is planning a commemoration to honour the memory of those who perished and were buried in unmarked mass graves,… Continue reading Cataraqui