A Rural Railway: The Midland Railway – Lincoln to Newark by Jeremy Lodge

This tells the story of the rural stretch of the Midland Railway’s Lincoln to Nottingham line that runs through the countryside east of the Trent with stations at Winthorpe, Collingham, Swinderby and Thorpe.  It opened in 1846 and though earmarked for closure by Beeching in the 1960s, the line survived.  Its story is illustrated with contemporary and modern images, personal stories and descriptions of how the system works.

There will be a lot here for those interested in Railways but as a major focus is on the people, places and events it will also be of interest to the curious and those interested in local history.

Jeremy is working on a companion book which covers the Nottingham to Newark part of this line, Burton Joyce, Lowdham, Thurgaton etc. – the area where he grew up.

Jeremy Lodge is a trustee of both Nottinghamshire Local History Association and The Friends of English local history and has published two other books on local subjects, Lowdham Grange. Borstal! and Collingham and East of the Trent: Ice Age to the Romans.

A Rural Railway: The Midland Railway – Lincoln to Newark is available locally from ‘The Bookcase’ in Lowdham and to order online from Nottingham Books

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