‘Peasants making history’? Prof Dawn Hadley interviews Prof Chris Dyer

What makes medieval peasants so interesting?

By Society for Medieval Archaeology

Wednesday, 25 Jan 2023, 16:00, Online

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Professor Dawn Hadley interviews Professor Christopher Dyer about his lifelong interest in researching medieval peasants. They will chat first about his most recent book ‘Peasants Making History: Living In an English Region 1200-1540’ but also on the challenges, adventures and perhaps difficulties of such research.

Christopher Dyer is an Emeritus Professor from the University of Leicester. His decades long research works on both social and economic history, and medieval archaeology c. 1000-1600. His wide ranging publications include agrarian, urban, landscape and social themes. His work crosses over disciplinary boundaries, between history and archaeology, but also with geography, literature and the natural sciences.

Prof Dawn Hadley is a medieval archaeologist and historian based of the University of York. She has published widely on the society and cultures of early medieval England and the Viking Age. This research focusses in particular, on issues of ethnicity, migration, gender, and childhood, and on funerary practices and settlements. Her expertise lies in interdisciplinary research, and she has a long track-record of integrating historical and archaeological evidence, and humanities-based approaches to the past with those drawn from archaeological science.

Dawn and Chris have collaborated previously; including on the publication of the ‘Archaeology of the 11th Century: Continuities and Transformations ‘ which encouraged scholars to think more critically about artificial chronological and disciplinary divisions.

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