Leicestershire’s Names, Places, & History

Saturday 22 April 2023.

To mark the completion of the 8-volume place-name survey of Leicestershire, the English Place-Name Society, in conjunction with Leicestershire Victoria County History Trust and the Centre for Regional and Local History, has organised a one-day event at the University of Leicester on Saturday 22 April 2023, 12.30-5.30pm.

Venue: School of Museum Studies Building, 19 University Road, LEICESTER, LE1 7RF

An afternoon of papers exploring the history of Leicestershire through place-names.

Abigail Lloyd (University of Nottingham) ‘A changing scene: charting oronyms in Leicestershire’

Josh Neal (University of Nottingham) ‘Old Norse –(r) in Leicestershire place-names: statistics and characteristics’ 

Eleanor Rye (University of York) ‘Austen Dyke, Hamerskeges and Wlfethwong: the Scandinavian element in late medieval minor names from north Leicestershire’

Judith Jesch (University of Nottingham) ‘A Viking in Leicestershire?’

Ann Stones (Leicester Vaughan College) ‘Discerning the woods from the trees: the role of place-name analysis in interdisciplinary research on the boundaries of medieval Charnwood Forest’

Hannah Sellars (University of Leicester) ‘Understanding Leicestershire woodlands through place-names and ecological data’

This event is hosted by the Centre for Regional and Local History, in collaboration with the English Place-Name Society and Leicestershire Victoria County History Trust.

Booking is now open for Leicestershire’s Names, Places, and History.

In person or on-line attendance


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