Short courses for 2024-25 : What is Local History?

9th to 26th September 2024 at Rewley House, 1 Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JA

Have you ever tried to trace your family history?  Do you wonder what sort of people lived in your local community in the past? Or how the community might have been affected by major historical events? If so, this introduction to local history may be just what you are seeking. It will concentrate on the approaches, sources and methods used by local historians in researching the history of the manor, the parish, the town and their populations. It seeks to show how varied and exciting the study of local communities can be. It will also advise you how and from where to collect relevant material and will help you to communicate the results of your research in writing. For students considering studying for a Diploma in Local History this course would provide excellent preparation.

More information about this course here

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