7pm, Thursday 23rd September 2021

Passcode:   031653 (if required)

Online meeting to discuss the future of the Friends

This year has seen many changes in the Centre for English Local History at Leicester. Most recent being the move from Marc Fitch House on Salisbury Road into the Attenborough Building on the main campus. Although the Vice-Chancellor has given a commitment to supporting the Centre and providing suitable facilities for it to operate it is timely to think about its future as well as our role as the Friends. Although these are challenging times they may also present opportunities for us to develop our activities and to work more closely with the Centre.

In thinking about how we can move forward it is important that the membership of the Friends has the chance to contribute to the debate, especially as most of us are graduates of the Centre,  and to offer an opinion on how we would like to see the group progress. As you know, in the summer we held a series of online monthly talks and intend to resume these in the autumn. However, for the first event on 23rd September we would like to do something different and to hold the discussion on the ‘Future of the Friends’. The programme is below.

Dr Angela Muir Director of the CELHVision for the Future of the Centre
Jeremy Lodge FCELH CommitteeOptions for the Friends
Everybody  Open Discussion

If you would like to come along the meeting will be held online using ZOOM and joining instructions are above.

If you are available please come along as it is important that as many people as possible contribute to the debate and we can reach a consensus on how we want to move forward.

Dr Michael Gilbert

Chair, Friends of the Centre for English Local History