Friends Mailing List

Current Subscribers = 285

The Friends maintain email information to allow them to inform historians of events that may be of interest to them and provide booking forms, location information and to provide a means of people making contact with members of the committee. The mailing list is used only for that purpose and is not shared with any other organisation. Some of the events are organised by the Friends and are intended only for members. Other events are public ones such as Hoskins Day. The Friends are also involved in events organised by the Centre for English Local History which will generally be of interest to the Friends. Mailing information is obtained from the following sources: Membership applications to the Friends where the member has given an email address – these members will normally get all mailshots. Local History societies in the East Midlands (Leicestershire and Rutland, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Linclolnshire, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire) – these contacts will receive mailshots concerning events to which the public are welcome and occasional invitations for their members to join the Friends. Local History society contact addresses have been obtained from public domain websites or through communication with the society. Finally anyone may signup for our mailing list by entering name and email address below. They will normally receive all mailshots as approriate. Anyone whose contact details have been included in our mailing lists can have their details removed at any time.