We are a registered charity (number 1073528) which supports the Centre for Regional and Local History (formerly the Centre for English Local History) at the University of Leicester and its students, for example through the provision of library donations, student bursaries and practical help.

We have a programme of events, which includes study days and weekends, outings, lectures and conferences, a small publication programme, and an annual second-hand book sale.

We also have an active Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/fcelh

Membership of the Friends of the Centre for English Local History is open to anyone with an interest in local history. We are an active and enthusiastic group of local historians, with a wide range of interests. We are happy to offer FREE membership to all University of Leicester history students.

Members may attend the Thursday afternoon seminars held in Leicester, receive our annual Newsletter and join any of the events on our programme, which include outings, study days or weekends and conferences. Admission to the annual W.G. Hoskins lecture is free to members, and is followed by tea and cakes, and a second-hand book sale.