Your membership is welcomed by the Friends of the Centre for English Local History. We are a relatively informal body of local historians comprising current members of the Centre, staff and students alike, former members and any other person who has the interests of the subject at heart. Our aim is to provide social and academic contacts between members, to spread news and information and to further the standing of the subject generally.

Friends receive the following:

  • An annual Newsletter circulated in October.
  • The opportunity to join any of the events on our programme, which include outings, study days or weekends and conferences.
  • Free admission to an annual Friends Lecture, given by a historian who has made a substantial contribution to local history; the first lecture was given in May 1990.
  • An informal opportunity to meet other Friends after the lecture.
  • Advance notice of the Centre’s series of seminars, held on some Thursdays in the autumn and spring terms, and access to the seminars (subject to availability of space; prior notice of attendance should be given).
  • Access, by arrangement, to certain facilities within the Centre for Regional and Local History at the University of Leicester including the library.

Membership is FREE for students undertaking an undergraduate or post-graduate course or enrolled as a research student within the School of History, Politics, and International Relations at the University of Leicester.

Membership costs £12 per annum (£15 for joint membership: two people at the same address). Please consider adding a donation, if you can afford to do so, to help to further our support of the Centre and its students.

You can download a membership application form here

As we are a registered charity you can pay your subscription by Gift Aid, if you are eligible. You must pay UK income tax and/or capital gains tax at least equal to the tax that FCELH will claim from HM Revenue & Customs (currently 25p on every £1 you give by way of subscription and/or donation).

A separate Gift Aid form can be downloaded here

You can see our Privacy Notice here

You can see/download a copy of the Friends Constitution here