The FCELH has a small publication programme the aim of which is to make high quality research available to anyone.

Friends’ Papers for Purchase

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Publication Sales FCELH, Hollow Croft, Church Lane, Thorpe, Ashbourne, DE6 2AW
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Still in Print

No. 10, M. Tedd, Naming in Anstey, 1850-1950: a Mirror of Social Structure, £6 inc. p&p.
H. Fox, The Evolution of the Fishing Village: Landscape and Society along the South Devon Coast, 1086-1550. £7 inc. p&p.

All 0thers at £4.00 inc. p&p.
No. 7, Geoff Wolfe, Keeping the Peace: Warwickshire, 1630-1700.
No. 8, Pam Fisher, An Object of Ambition? The Office and Role of the Coroner in Two Midland Counties, 1751-1888.
No. 9, S. Pinches, M. Whalley & D. Postles (eds), The Market Place and the Place of the Market.
Derryan Paul, Why so Few? Rebuilding Country Churches in Herefordshire, 1662-1762.

Available as digital (pdf) copy

Donation suggested £2 – please contact Publications

No. 4, Marion Aldis and Pam Inder, John Sneyd’s Census of Ipstones in 1839.

We regret that the publications listed below are now out of print and cannot be supplied:

  • D. Postles, Lay Piety in Transition, 1998, 69pp.
  • T. McIntosh, The Decline of Stourbridge Fair, 1770-1934, 1998, 43pp [winner of the John Nichols Prize, 1993].  
  • A. Flather, The Politics of Place. A Study of Church Seating in Essex, c.1580-1640, 1999, 55pp [winner of the John Nichols Prize, 1998].  
  • B. Trinder, The Market Town Lodging House in Victorian England, 2001, 100pp.
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