Their Finest Hour

Is a digital history project based at the University of Oxford which aims to capture and preserve the stories and objects of WW2. The aim is to capture these stories/objects in two ways:

1. By encouraging anyone who has stories and objects about WW2 – which have likely been passed down from loved ones – to share details of them via the online (and free-to-access) archive.

2. By supporting community-run events called ’Digital Collection Days’ where people can bring their WW2 stories and objects to a defined place to be recorded and uploaded to the free-to-access archive.

So if you have any WW2 stories or objects, help preserve them for future generations by sharing them via the archive (, attending an event in your area (check the Events page on the website), or organising a Digital Collection Day in your area (free train provided)!

Further info can be found at, the website or by emailing Thank you!

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