A Rural Railway and its Neighbours

By Jeremy Lodge.

Hot off the Press! A Rural Railway and its Neighbours. The Midland Railway Nottingham to Newark. This is the story of the railway line in the area where I grew up and includes many of the places and some of the stories that I remember from my youth and much more. This book describes many facets of the railway and personal stories of its people. It covers many incidents on the line which brings life and inevitably death to the tale. It also introduces many of the railway’s neighbours including the notorious Lowdham Mill, Hoveringham Gravels, Staythorpe Power Station and many more.

It is a companion to my previous book A Rural Railway. The Midland Railway Lincoln to Newark

Most railway books focus on the urban stations and the big events, my books focus on the rural interludes and personal stories that are often missed or briefly passed over. All of my books are driven by my curiosity as they concern geographical areas that I know intimately. All have received favourable reviews.

All of my books are usually available from: www.nottinghambooks.co.uk , The Bookcase-Lowdham, Five Leaves Bookshop-Nottingham and Collingham Post Office.

And tomorrow (September 16th 2023) from the Collingham Local History Stand at the Collingham Agricultural Show.

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