The World Turned Upside Down

People, events and ideas of the British Civil Wars explored and explained by leading historians including Friends of the Centre for English Local History colleagues Andrew Hopper, Ismini Pells, Denise Greany and Diane Strange.

A unique FREE OPEN ACCESS resource for everyone interested in this time which shaped the Britain we know today

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Extraordinary lives of ordinary men, women and children revealed by the Civil War Petitions Project
Professor Andrew Hopper and Dr Ismini Pells reveal some of the key findings from this study which opens a window on the impact of the British Civil Wars through the lives of veterans, widows and orphans in a world turned upside down.

The Putney Debates (1647) – On the way to democracy and Regicide
Ted Vallance shows that by the summer of 1647, Parliament had won the First Civil War, the Royalist field armies had been crushed and the King himself was now a prisoner – but all was not well on the parliamentary side.

Religion in the Civil Wars explained
Ann Hughes provides a concise introduction to the causes and consequences of the religious divisions which contributed to the outbreak of the Civil Wars.

Divided by Religion – Post Reformation Britain
Ann Hughes examines the Tudor Reformation of the 16th century which left England, Scotland and Ireland bitterly divided.

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