MSRG Spring Conference 2024

The MSRG Spring Conference will take place at the University of Nottingham on Saturday 11th May 2024 from 1000-1710. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN AND YOU CAN FIND FULL INFORMATION ON THE WEBSITE

Bringing disciplines together in medieval settlement studies

The MSRG prides itself on its record of bringing together a variety of disciplines, and the purpose of this conference is to celebrate that approach and showcase achievements in the application of different approaches, from the well-tested combination of archaeology and history – which can still offer new insights; the importance of name studies; and the growing emphasis on the application of science to settlement studies.


  • Dawn Hadley
    University of York and MSRG President
  • Mark Gardiner
    University of Lincoln
    Landscapes and lidar, charters and vills
  • Mark Page
    Victoria County History of Oxfordshire
    Villages and documents: some insights from south and west Oxfordshire
  • Matilda Holmes
    Independent Scholar
    Science: archaeozoology
    Written in bone: draught cattle in medieval England
  • Lucy Cramp
    University of Bristol
    Science: lipid residues and isotopes
    What’s in the pots? The contribution of lipid residue analysis of pottery to understand dietary practices
  • Meriel McClatchie
    University College Dublin
    Science: botany
    The cultivation of ‘minor’ crops at medieval settlements
  • Susan Kilby
    University of Nottingham
    Name studies:
    Knowing your place: place-names and medieval settlement
  • Paul Spoerry
    Independent Scholar
    Characterisation and contextualisation: making sense from pottery analysis on a rural medieval settlement site
  • Conclusion

In Person Attendance (including lunch)

Members £25.00
Non-members £30.00
Online only £15.00

Please note that this content was not originated by FCELH but it has been posted here because it may be of interest to members and others interested in English local history. For any queries please contact:

Dr Susan Kilby
Hon. Secretary, Medieval Settlement Research Group
Centre for Regional and Local History
University of Leicester

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